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Great game,  very addictive. I`m now fan of Aura duck.

This game is awesome! It reminds me of the good ol' times (MSX version), if only it could run on real hardware for the ZX Spectrum... Is there any chance to be updated and make a standar TZX file? Please! 😉

Very nice game, even the Amiga version. Our German-language review of Part 2 on MSX can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 04:58:11. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Nice game - part 2 :)


Awesome Game! I finished it.

Absolute stonker of a game. Played the Amiga version for now, will get to Spectrum soon! Its Hard, Annoying. Fantastic. Love it :)

Great game! I almost managed to deliver the 8 disks, but then I would have revealed the password for Act 2, right? Would still be interesting which second item there is ;)

Well done, you get shown  a password after delivery on this level.
The bit where you died at end requires you to use down to drop through platform, I noticed nobody uses that feature.

Ah thanks, didn't think of that. Too bad, but never mind.


Hitch on Twitch made me buy this chicken game



very good


Nice game!

Hello! I just got Duckstroma but, although it works on emulator, the .tap file doesn't work on my real ZX Spectrum toastrack with DivIDE. The screen just change into "Duckstroma is loading" but it never finish. Am I doing something wrong?

Nope, I've discovered the .tap file (converted from the .tzx) doesn't work on all hardware. Until I update game it's best to load .tzx in an emulator, save a .sna and use that.


Thanks for releasing a new game for the ZX Spectrum. Duckstroma is quite fun, if you don't think too much how an egg can make you to jump higher :)

Good job UltraNarwhal 

Do you plan on doing physical cartridges for the NES version? Maybe through Kickstarter?

There'll probably be physical NES version, but I'm not thinking about it until game is finished.