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Deep in the milky way the narwhal sovereignty rule with tyranny over any planet in the system.

In a cost saving measure emperor Lacto has revoked free milkshake for citizens.
Angered, the citizens are finally ready to fight back. Who will be their saviour?

Rise up comrade, free milkshake for all!

- Multiple difficulties (Easy/Normal/Hard/Yolo)
- Different endings
- 50 powerup variants
- Two characters to choose from
- Password system for resuming play on Easy/Normal difficulties
- DRM free

Aura - Offensive power of dash

Ukko - Defensive power of electro shield

Keyboard Defaults

Movement: E,S,D,F
Actions: O,P (Fire/Special)
Pause: H
Debug: F1
Mouse Defaults
Left: Accept option / Decrease
Right: Increase
Scrollwheel: Up/Down
Controller Defaults

Movement: Dpad or Left Stick (whichever is enabled)
Actions: X,A (Fire/Special)
Pause: Start

On Easy/Normal difficulties a passcode is displayed on the Pause screen, this code when entered on the main menu will take you to the 1st act of a stage.
If you Game Over before seeing the code, use the passcode option and it should be filled in for you already.

1. Lives
Money gained fills life icon colour, once full colour gain a life
2. Diamonds Collected
Number of diamonds collected, when lit special ability is available
3. Powerup Meter
Shows how long until powerup will expire, creating a radiation bomb
4. Overheat Meter
Firing raises your temperature, once overheated firing is disabled until cooled
5. Money
Earned money, dying will reset value to money earned at end of act
6. Player
This is you (or Ukko)
7. Shop
Hover over shop for short time to buy powerup

Collect for money/special ability/an extra hit point


Collect for money and feel invigorated


Changes your weapon to 50 possible variants based on colour class

Enemy Intel

Collect for money


Collect for more money & to put in a relaxing bath

Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux 64 bit (Ubuntu 18.04 or similar)
Intel i3 processor (Dual Core)
Intergrated GPU - Intel HD 2000 (with WebGL support)
250MB HDD space

Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit, Linux 64 bit (Ubuntu 18.04 or similar)
Intel i5 processor (Quad Core)
Dedicated GPU - GTX 560 1GB (with WebGL support)
500MB HDD space
XBOX 360 Controller

Game does not support Windows XP/Vista

Flashing FX,
turn OFF to disable white flashing and rapid colour nuke/mine explosions.
If running on minimum requirements set Limited Graphics to ON to gain a few more frames on Snow/Rain levels.  Do not enable Soften Pixels, as frame rate will halve.


Some people may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or backgrounds when playing video games. Certain conditions may trigger previously undetected epileptic symptoms or seizures in people who have no history of prior seizures or epilepsy. If you or anyone in your family has an epileptic condition, consult a doctor before playing.


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NARWHAR-v109-64bit Windows 7/10 100 MB
NARWHAR-v109-32bit Windows 7/10 97 MB
NARWHAR-v109-64bit Linux 88 MB
NARWHAR assets for press/streamers/etc 13 MB

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