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Cutting room floor & evolution
Back in 2014 when I first started work on Narwhar, it wasn't called Narwhar and was a completely different style of game. This was the original mock title scree...
NARWHAR v1.09 Released
Changes since v1.08 (Initial Release) - Adjusted enemy bullets from being obscured by player bullets - Large water bubbles have longer warning time before appea...
Future update, version 1.09
Over the next week I will be working on update v1.09 which looks at - Adding an option to limit player inertia for more precision - Enemy bullets being obscured...
NARWHAR Project Hornwhale finally releases
September 10th 2019 - Version 1.08 - Public Release. After many years and a few delays my first ever game is finally available, though technically it's now my f...